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Frequently Asked QR Code Questions

  • What is a QR code?

    All is explained at What are QR codes?

  • What can QR codes do?

    QR codes allow mobile devices and smartphones with a QR code reader to directly interact and accept instructions from QR codes to undertake an activity, supply value added information or link to additional resources on the Internet. For examples of QR codes and how they have be used see our  examples.

  • How I make custom designer QR Codes?

    Watch the short video on how to create your own custom designer QR Codes in less than two minutes.

  • I lost my custom QR code, can I get a copy?

    Yes. All purchased QR codes are put in safekeeping, should you loose it we can always provide you with another origional QR Code.

    1. After successful purchase your will be shown a reference number on screen (this is also included in the email you should receive. Using your email address and this reference number you have direct access to download your custom QR codes directly from the site for seven days. See the 'Custom QR Code Access' at the bottom of this page.

    2. If after seven days of purchase you need your origional custom QR code from us, then please contact and provide us with your email adress and reference number and we will retrieve it from the archives and email it to you.

  • Will my QR code expire?

    No. All QR codes purchased from the QR Code Shop will never expire. They are yours to use as you please and will always provide the service you chose them to provide for you.

  • Are all QR codes free?

    Not all QR codes are created alike. If you have the knowledge and skills to create QR codes the answer is, yes they are. We believe if you add value and the ability to out-compete the competition, then there is added value and this value should be shared.

    For free non-commercial use you can try  this website  or  this website, which provide a fraction of our customization ability for free.

  • Can I change what the QR does or what it does after it has been created?

    No. Custom QR Shop QR Codes are static and not changable. For dynamic, changable and trackable QR codes see:  www.qr4.nl  or qr.odoa.eu  for details and prices.

  • How do I get the best quality QR Code when using uploded graphics and logo files?

    Glad you asked, because this is important! Depanding on the size of QR code you want to create and purchase, the guidelines below will help you determine if your logo or graphic will provide a good match. TIP: Generally images that are used for Internet web pages are not suitable.

    Image and logo size guide

    Custom QR Type Minimum W x H in pixels Optimal W x H in pixels
    High Quality: 540x540 px Resolution QR Code 360px x 360px @ 72dpi 180px x 180px @ 150dpi 32bit color
    720 HD: 720x720 px Resolution QR Code 480px x 480px @ 72dpi 240px x 240px @ 150 dpi 32 bit color
    1080 HD: 1080x1080 px Resolution QR Code 720px x 720px @72.dpi 360px x 360px @150 dpi 32 bit color
  • Can you make even bigger quality QR Codes

    Sure we can. Let us know what new size you want it and we can use your existing purchased Custom QR Code information to create it. Note: We may need to attend to your logo or graphics file to ensure it meets your new requirements.

  • Your Custom QR Codes are bitmaps, can you also make custom vector QR codes?

    Yes. We can use your existing custom QR code information to create vector QR codes suited for professional printing and in most cases in CMYK. Note: Depending what logo or graphic you uploaded and used, this may need attention.