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What is a QR code?

Invented and designed for use to track parts for automobile factories, QR codes have found their way into an open global mobile market place, thanks to the company Denzo Wave.

A QR code is nothing less and nothing more than a plain Barcode, a 2D barcode to be exact. a two dimentional barcode with the ability to be read at any rotation angle.

What does a QR code look like?

QR CODE SHOP This is what a QR code looks like.

Made up of blocks that are placed in a square horizontal and vertical area.

Depanding on the amount of information in the QR codes, the amount of blocks can increase, making the QR code bigger in size.

This QR code, if scanned, will take you to http://shop.qr4.nl

What can I do with QR codes?

QR CODE SHOP MOBILE Give instructions to smartphones and mobile devices.

A mobile device with QR code reader software can scan the code and use the information to do something. To name a few:

  • Fast access to specific web pages
  • Play a video or audio track
  • Distribute coupons and other offers
  • Use as commercial marketing instrument
  • Offer more information about service or product
Examples of custom QR codes can be found here. They are fully functional and clearly show what can be done with enhanced and customised QR codes in colour.