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Custom QR codes examples

Examples od QR Codes created using the custom QR code generator

Business Promotion

By branding QR codes using company colors and logos, the QR codes become more identifiable and thus more trusted. Branded custom QR codes are an effective way to promote and expose your company to mobile users.

Product and Service Promotion

Promote events, special offers and additional value added information for your products and services via QR codes. After all there is just so much information you can place in an advert. QR codes can help extend your advertising from printed adverts to the Internet.

Social Media Exposure

Expand your social media networks using QR codes. Get more followers, Likes and retweets by connecting to a mobile audience.


Promote blogs, clubs, hubs, hangouts and more by using QR codes to allow mobile users direct access to the resources.

Go ahead, what are you waiting for.... Get started making your unique custom QR code, get linked to a mobile audience and find out what custom QR codes can do for you.